Love expands your awareness. Your relations, your pleasures, your belongings - all look so petty now. Love makes you aware of your true real inheritance. You inherit all this, this entire creation. Universes, with all the galaxies - moons and stars - skies and earth; they all belong to you.
Anand Krishna
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selfmanagement.gifA Word of Warning :

          Do not exert yourself. Do not overdo any of the exercises. If you are not healthy physically or mentally, seek an expert guidance before embarking upon the "journey". Your family physician will do. Show him/her, this book and the exercises given here, and follow his/her advice.


Suggestions for Physical Wellness:

  1. Drink about 2 liters of plain water everyday, which will also help cleanse your body and regulate its function.
  2. Honor your body; do not exert it to excess.
  3. Our digestive system is not designed to digest animal fresh. If you are not ready to make the change toward a total vegetarian diet, then at least avoid red meat which more harmful than the white.
  4. Avoiding all cereals, carbohydrates once a week will do wonder. Eat only fresh vegetables and fruit that day. This diet will detoxify your body on weekly basis.


1. I call this exercise "Stretch to Relax Technique" or SRT.

First, let go of your body tensions - consciously check into the body for any tension, and relax each area. This exercise is better done standing, but you can also do it sitting on a chair or sofa. The idea is to make you comfortable.
  1. With your eyes closed, tighten all your body muscles, lift your arms and stretch out to the maximum while making the sound "Aaaaahhhhhhh...."
  2. Then let go. Lower your arms and head. Release all your body muscles from the feet toward the head, and remain in the posture for a minute or so. Keep your eyes closed.
  3. If you are standing, you can now sit comfortably on chair or sofa. Begin to breathe consciously with your eyes still closed. Inhale deeply, slowly and fill your diaphragm and lungs with fresh air. Feel the energy flowing into your body and follow your abdomen to balloon out. Then exhale very slowly, totally, through the nostrils - and allow your abdomen to contract. Do not count your breath, which will unnecessarily activate your brain. Do this for about 10 minutes, then say to yourself: I am Relaxed, and slowly open your eyes.

              We all are familiar with this kind of stretching. For whatever reason, young people do this more often and expressively. They even scream out freely to let go of all tension. This is the same thing - but "consciously" applying the practice.

              You can do this exercise as many times a day as you choose. What is most important is to understand the language of your body and listen to what it is trying to tell you. If your body needs it once a day, do not do it twice, but if the body needs it four times a day, then do not starve it with just one time.    

2.  I call this "Speedy Emotion Culturing Technique" or SPECT.

Choose a comfortable sitting posture. if you are used to sitting cross-legged on the floor, then please do so. It is helpful to use a meditation cushion or a cushioned floor mat. Otherwise, you can also do this sitting on a chair or sofa.
  1. With your eyes closed, rotate your neck clockwise. Nine rotations for each session should suffice, and you can count that. The most effective speed is about 3 rotations per minute, which is not very slow and not very fast, but do not open your eyes to check the time. While rotating your neck, keep your body soft and still, isolating the movement in the neck. Repeat the same number of rotations counter clockwise. Done consciously, these rotations can release many stress point around the neck.
  2. Now, take a deep breath into the abdomen... Hum a monotone sound while slowly exhaling totally and allowing lungs to empty. Repeat for about 3-10 minutes. This affects brain waves directly inviting deep relaxation.
  3. Breathe normally again. Next, begin an energy cleansing technique by waving your hands intentionally three times each around your head, chest and stomach. Your palms must face downwards. This is to sweep the electromagnetic field around you, known as the auric body. You don't have to visualize anything, just experience it with a willingness to explore yourself.
  4. End the session with affirmation : I am peaceful. Then slowly open your eyes, noticing how you feel.
              If you are suffering from emotional imbalance, do this exercise once a day for 7-21 days in row. Otherwise once or twice a week would be enough.

3. "Therapy to Free Anxiety"

This Third Exercise is a kind of therapy to free you from anxieties, worries, et cetera.THERFA. Like the second exercise we are dealing with our emotional/mental layers of consciousness, however, this time the exercise is more dynamic. You must do this very cautiously and do not force yourself to do anything that is uncomfortable.
I call it
  1. Sit comfortably on the ground or on a chair, and close your eyes. Now, with the mouth slightly open an tip of your tongue sticking out a bit - inhale and exhale rapidly through the mouth, in a panting action. Repeat several times, never exceeding 2 minutes. This eliminates excessive Carbon dioxide in your body, including the brain region, and has a cooling action on the body.
  2. Go back to normal nostril breathing. With your eyes still closed shout loudly "Haaaaaa, Haaaaaaa,  Haaaaaaaa....", expelling all the accumulated negativities within you. Go on  shouting or screaming for 5-6 minutes - moving your body freely. While shouting, if it helps you, you can recollect all the "bad things" happening to you. You can imagine faces of all the people that are concerning you. Let go of all your sad memories. The idea is not to run away from reality, from negativity, but to face them through the sound.
  3. Stop shouting. Breathe normally through your nostrils. As usual, every time you inhale, allow your abdomen to balloon out, and every time you exhale, allow it to contract. Do this for about 5-10 minutes.
  4. End this session with a dance for about 3-5 minutes. I suggest you make use of a c-d player and set timer. Before opening your eyes. say to yourself: Oh, I am so happy. Put extra emphasis on the word "so". The movement combined with the affirmation helps the brain integrate the positive thought and reframe the negative experience.
              This exercise is not to be done everyday; unless your stress level is very high in which case you should always do this under guidance and supervision. Normally, doing this once fortnight is already affective.

4. Self Empowerment with Love or SELO

This Fourth Exercise is best done early morning before you start your day.

              Let us learn the Art of Loving - of sharing and caring. I have learnt from personal experience that I could never truly love, until I found the Source of Love within myself. Before that, I was always "asking for" love. I was always "hoping for" love, and "expecting from" love. That was not love. That was just my passion in its varied forms.

              So, let us learn to empower ourselves with Love Energy; with the Energy of Love, the only energy that really matters. You may call it The Christ or The Krishna Energy; The Buddha Awareness or The Rasul, Prophet Consciousness - it is united as one and the same Energy. I call it by its generic name, The Love Energy. So feminine, soft, thin and light it is, that is pervades all. It is the All Pervading Energy of Mother Goddess of the primitives.
  1. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Again, you can squat on the ground or sit on a chair, whatever is more convenient. Cross your arms on your chest, and do the usual abdominal breathing three times. Say in your heart : I Love Myself.
  2. While inhaling the fourth time, slowly open your arms as if to embrace the entire universe and say softly : I Love Thee...
  3. Then while exhaling deeply, bring back your arms and cross your chest again - whisper softly : As I Love Myself.
  4.  Before opening your eyes, relax your arms and do the abdominal breathing again. This time you are free to repeat this for as long as you moved to work with it.
              This is one exercise that I suggest you do every day and observe how your life gets filled with Love Energy.
              These exercises and my explanations given are just indicative, suggestive. There are no rigid rules to follow. Trust your inner guidance, your intuition and open your "self" to these exercises... that's all. And then, watch the grass grow by itself, as the Zen Masters often say.
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