No, Love cannot claim anything. Love never demands, and so anything that demands can never be love. Love is giving, and giving, and giving. It gives and forgives. It expects nothing in return.
Anand Krishna

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hi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....
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Say Yes to River Print E-mail

river.gif          "What happens if you do not say  yes ?"

          "You still flow with it,quite unconsciously though "

          What difference does it make ?   Unconsciously or consciously I still flow with it, right ?"
          "You have answered your own question."

          "I have?"

          "Yes, you have. The difference is in the consciousness."

          "I don't understand you. Isn't it the flow that is important ?"

          "It is 'you' who is important. Since the consciousness is 'yours', it becomes important too. 'Your' flowing with the river is important."

          "So, I am the center point." Of course it was not "i - anand krishna", it was the "Universal-I" in which we all are one.

          "Yes, Thou art. All this is Thy Play."

          "I thought it was your, I mean, Thy play. And, Thou art the center point."

          "What do you think, who am I? Where is this voice coming from?  Who is speaking to you? Whom are you listening to?"

          "Yes, yes, yes - okay I got the point. But let us go back to the River. Whether I am conscious of My Self or not,  whether I am conscious of Your True Identity or not, I still flow with it."

          "One who is conscious sees no difference. One who is conscious makes no difference between consciousness and unconsciousness. For such a person, all is one.

          "For one who is not conscious, consciousness is one thing and unconsciousness quite another. One time he is awake, and he think he is conscious. Another time he is asleep, and he thinks he is no longer conscious. Then he dreams and finds himself in a state of limbo. He cannot decide whether he is conscious or not."

          "And yet, such a person keeps flowing too."

          "Such a person lives in his thoughts, in his mind. And mind is stagnant, stationary. It wants to hold onto life. It is quite incapable of flowing with life."

          "I thought otherwise. I thought mind was always jumping from one object to another. I thought it was not stagnant, never stationary."

          "It is dynamic, but running on the spot. It is not moving. It is the mind that keeps you in this body."

          "What about a Buddha then? What about an Enlightened Being, an Awakened Soul? Often he retains his body."

          "You have once again answered your question. One who is not awakened is kept in the body by the mind. An awakened being, on the other hand, retains its body. One is captive, the other is free."

          "I am still confused. Keepers and retainers, captives and captors, all are but flowing with this River, and flowing towards the Great River - the Ocean, the Sindhu."

          "Oh yes, that is so... but the unaware does not say 'Yes' to the river. They flow unconsciously and suffer because of their unconsciousness. The aware says 'Yes' to the river and flow consciously. They celebrate their sojourn, their journey from the limited to the limitless - from death to immortality.

          "But what am I to do with all that? Whether one flows consciously or not, how does it affect me? I am flowing , they are flowing, and we all are flowing anyway."

          "Share your joy of flowing consciously. Share your happiness, your celebration, your Self !"

          I believe one can only share what one has. To share the joy of flowing consciously, I must not only maintain my consciousness, but also joyfulness. To share my happiness, I must be happy first. To share celebration, I must celebrate first, and before sharing my true "Self" I must first realize it.

          Sharing is one way to become intimate with and maintain our own flow. Sharing courts awareness. What is most important, sharing is an activity of heart. The thinking mind can only interact and communicate, it cannot feel or share, and it cannot enter into deep communication as the heart does. Sharing brings us closer to the heart of consciousness. Eventually it transcends the heart, leading to unity with The One Great Sharer, The Greatest Sharer. The Sharer is found in the sharer.

          Allow me now to share with you some exercises that have helped me in my quest.... I did not invent these exercises. Neither did those masters who passed them on to me invent them. Masters do not claim originality, they never do, and yet, they are each unique in the way in which they present the teachings. Unique like the sunrise this morning, it was the same sun rising, and yet the sunrise this morning differed from sunrise yesterday.

          Again, mornings are but mornings... it is what fills your morning that makes the difference. It is what colors your morning that makes the difference. Exercises are but exercises, it is the "smell" of the one who gives you the exercise that makes the difference. An exercise, no matter how simple it is, bears the fragrance of mastership, if given by a master. And it is the fragrance, the smell that makes the difference.

          Fragrance of mastership then inspires a student toward self-mastery. When I use the word master, what I mean is simply that: Self Mastery. A master does not claim mastery over anything else other than his or her own "self". A master does not even claim to teach anything. He is just sharing what he has, that is "mastership".

          A master turns a "disciple" into a master. In spite of that, a disciple remain a disciple, for he is ever engaged in the task of disciplining his or her "self". A master therefore is also a disciple, and remains such. And a disciple is also a master. This master-disciple relationship often develops a special "bond" not easily understood - an "affair" that is often misunderstood.

          Sufi Jalaluddin Rumi was misunderstood as having a homosexual relationship with Shams, because of his loyalty and heartfelt love for Shams. Not only were the critics confused, even his so-called followers are often uncertain who was the master, and who was the disciple. Krishna of the Bhagavad Gita is often portrayed as playboy due to his being referred to as the Lover and Beloved of the Gopis, which really refer to both male and female followers. Jesus is criticized for his love for Maria Magdalena. Contemporary masters like Sathya Sai baba and Osho Rajneesh are called Sex Gurus.

          Master are amidst us to share all that they have. They are trying to reach out and touch each and every heart. But our hearts are often not ready. We are still vibrating on a very low frequency. Masters are full of compassion; we are not done with our passion.

          Exercises and teachings become alive with meaning only when given by such Masters of Compassion. I was privileged to meet such masters not only in this life, but also in many past lives... I have the privilege now to share some of the techniques learned along my journey with you...

          Exercises given by masters are like tools to change our mechanism, to make it compatible to superior quality fuel, to better source of energy. Our "being", and by that I mean this "body-mind-heart mechanism" is like a motor vehicle. It needs fuel to run. So far we are used to very inferior quality of diesel oil, which is the oil of stimulations received through our senses. These tools help our soul to vibrate on higher frequency, so it is receptive to higher truths.

Back to the month of December 1991 :

          When I first began to share these and similar exercises, I found many people not quite prepared for them. I found many people not quite prepared for them. They thought meditation was against religion. I had hard time explaining that "religion" went beyond "human concept about religion", and meditation was certainly not against religion.

          I spoke of religions as different paths leading to the same goal: God. Even that was not acceptable to sections of society. Each of them thoughts theirs was the only path, the only true path.

          Those were the days when a person was not supposed to talk about any religion other than one's own. One of the religious institutions even forbade  their members to congratulate people of different faiths on their holy days. Wishing "Merry Christmas" to a Christian meant recognizing Christ as Savior,  and that was considered blasphemy, or not being true to one's own faith. There was a kind of decree issued to this effect, and to my knowledge the ban has not been lifted yet - although not many people care about it any more.

          It was unimaginable to celebrate Hindu Deepavali and Muslim Id and Buddhist Vaishak and Christian Easter under the same roof. We celebrate all those festivals in the Ashram. To have carved symbols of different faith together on the same wall was considered outrageous. People advised me "not to play with fire".

          "There are plenty of masters and gurus playing  with water and air around the world. The question is : is that your destiny?"

          ...... kept reminding me of Indonesia as my Karma Bhoomi - my workplace. So, I remain here. The Power keeps me here.

          Things have somewhat changed. They are changing.

          In those early years, my sole listeners were the expatriates living in Jakarta. Vicki Canisius, a very fine and soft Australian, helped me reach them. It was in her house in the southern part of Jakarta and miles away from Ashram that I began to "receive" insights for meditation. In fact they "came" after meditation at the end of each session. Some friends began to record those insights. It was concluded I was "channeling" some higher consciousness. Some even suggested that it was the Voice of ....

          Ah, Voice is Voice - does it matter whose Voice it was ? The recordings were then transcribed and published in a book form for very limited circulation. Called, "Life - A Traveler's Guide to Journey Within", the book is now being republished and presented in English Speaking Readers, as a sequel to Soul Quest.

          As I write these lines, I hear the same Voice reminding me..." It is not the end of your journey. What has ended is just the quest. Keep on growing, keep on moving. March on......"

          Yes, that is true...

          I am still growing

          "And that is different from evolving. You can evolve unconsciously. But you must grow consciously. Inner Growth is a conscious growth."

          Yes, yes, yes - it is

          "That is IT."

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