The road that leads to liberation, to salvation, to Nirvana - the Great Void or to Moksha, the Great Whole, whatever you may call it - is pathless road. It has no paths, no pathways. Look at the bird flying over you - do they leave a track behind ? Look at the fish swimming - they too do not leave any trail behind. You too must find your own way. You have to create your own way. Anand Krishna

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hi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....
From : Karthik

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          Title:   0. Anand Krishna with Dalai Lama XIV at Borobudur    download_trans.gif Download
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I look forward to one religion - that of Love. Enough is enough. In the name of religion we have fought enough wars. In the name of patriotism, we have been cutting each other's throats. In the name of loyalty, we have done much killing. Shed no more blood. Love - don't you see this is much more powerful a weapon than your swords and spears ? If you must take up arms, then use this love as your only arm, your only weapon. For, this is the only weapon, which can kill someone to eternal life.
Anand Krishna
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